Why FSS?

Scientific Method + Human Study + Social Relationships = Social Sciences

You’ve probably heard it by now: you can almost reach out and touch Parliament Hill from our FSS (Faculty of Social Sciences) building, which is located right in the heart of uOttawa’s downtown campus, just steps from embassies and City Hall.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has a long history of bringing the world into the classroom. Student associations, professors and staff alike collaborate to organize high-profile events. Top-ranking national and international dignitaries often come into our classrooms to exchange ideas with students who are interested in making the world a better place! As a student of the social sciences at uOttawa, you really get to be in the middle of all the action!

But there are other reasons for choosing to study here…

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Social Sciences

  1. Customizable degrees: Zone-in on one specific discipline (disciplinary program), on two disciplines (pick a double major, or choose a major and a minor), or customize your degree into a more multidisciplinary one.
  2. Bilingualism or not, it’s your choice: Study in English, study in French, or study in both languages.
  3. Put theory into practice: Build your unique job market profile while doing your degree! Take advantage of:
    • CO-OP
    • international internships
    • field research courses
    • exchanges
    • practicums
  4. Learn scientific approaches for studying people, systems and societies (build competency using both qualitative and quantitative research methods).
  5. Get job market skills that employers are looking for! In a fast-paced and content-rich world, you’ll want to showcase how you learned to:
    • gather and sort through data
    • spot and analyze trends
    • generate meaningful information that influences key decision makers
    • use facts and develop logical reasoning to support your vision for the future
    • acquire global skills through our program's openness to the world
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