Why choose the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa?

Are you looking for a collaborative learning environment that inspires new ideas, encourages creative ingenuity and drives you to achieve academic excellence? Do you want to acquire the skills you need to have a meaningful impact on the people in your community and beyond? Here are a few more reasons to choose University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences:

Victoria Barham

Victoria Barham
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Relevant disciplines, critical skills

Learn how to interpret social and economic trends and study the underlying connections between systems, populations, societies and countries.

  • Rewarding, hands-on learning

    Participate in learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom:

    • Develop your problem-solving skills and make a concrete contribution by proposing a new idea, approach or intervention to a social problem through a course with a social innovation perspective.
    • Take part in courses that lift you out of the everyday, such as Walls to Bridges, which brings incarcerated students with non-incarcerated students together to study and to understand the complexities of criminalization and the correctional system.
    • Contribute to debates and discussions on your discipline and get published! The Undergraduate Journal of Politics, Policy and Society, a university journal, publishes undergraduate student works to give them a hands-on experience in publishing and research.
    • Apply the knowledge you learned in class to the real world through the coop program.
    • Acquire intercultural and international experience through field research or an international internship.
    • Make a difference and build your leadership skills by participating in volunteering activities through the Centre for Global and Community Engagement. Check out the videos featuring student testimonials about their unforgettable learning experiences.
  • The key to your success

The team at the Office of Undergraduate Programs will support you at every step of your studies: academic counselling, creation of a success plan, course registration, program modifications and eligibility criteria, and assistance for any other important decision that you need to take as a university student.

At the Mentoring Centre, student mentors from the Faculty of Social Sciences draw on their own experiences and solid education to give you training on time and stress management, procrastination and motivation, note taking, relaxation, visualization and exam preparation.

  • Admission Scholarships

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, effort and excellence are recognized! While admission scholarships are awarded automatically based on your pre-university academic results, other scholarships and bursaries recognize the leadership and commitment of students in their studies and extracurricular activities. See the details of all admission scholarships and bursaries.

Hundreds of scholarships and bursaries are also available during your studies at uOttawa. Apply for as many of them as you wish using the Online Scholarship and Bursaries tool, accessible through uoZone. Deadlines vary!

By choosing to study at the Faculty of Social Sciences, you are signing up for an unrivaled student experience and an education that will prepare you for the world of work and for whatever the future may bring.


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