Stand Out Upon Graduation

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Get Ready for Life After Graduation

Customize your university experience: discover new strengths and interests, make a difference in a local or international community, and set yourself apart from the competition!

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) offers you some pretty unique experiences that leverage your personal talents and interests while building your academic and job market profile as you sharpen important skills. For example, you could gain experience working overseas while also receiving credits which are applicable towards your degree!

There are so many options to choose from:

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Go for CO-OP

  • Choose from 18 programs of study with a CO-OP option
  • Alternate between work and study terms, right from second year
  • Benefit from the added CO-OP mention on your diploma
  • Get hands-on work experience in your area of study, and gain knowledge of different work settings
  • Build a network of contacts that can be useful when you hit the job market!

Work on Campus

Through the Work-Study Program, you’ll not only get to earn money to pay for your studies, you’ll also gain valuable work experience!

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Get Involved…
In your Community

Through the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement, you can volunteer on campus or in your community. Giving the gift of time makes a difference in both the lives of the giver and the receiver. No matter what you’re interested in, or how much time you may have to give, we have options that can work for you!

Create Your Tomorrow Today!

Boost your Job Skills:
Pratique ton français!

The second language certification course is a self-study course which culminates in a standardized proficiency test. It provides you with official recognition of your bilingualism efforts and offers you a chance to get proof of your second language skills, a definite advantage in the job market!

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Become a Researcher

Try enriching your university experience by taking part in stimulating undergraduate research opportunities that allow you to get hands-on research experience:

  • Develop a research proposal
  • Conduct a literature review
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Produce scientific posters
  • Write a research report

These skills will be invaluable to you whether you decide to take on graduate studies, or whether you prefer to head out straight to the job market.

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Go Abroad

Our honours programs enable you to participate in international internships, field research courses, a Model United Nations course (SCS 3195) or an international exchange. Discover more about International Mobility!

Once I’m Ready to Enter the Workforce, What can I Expect?

Generally speaking, people who get a university degree have a better chance of administering large-scale financial, human and material resources than people who have certificates or diplomas for studies of shorter duration than a university undergraduate degree. Your future salary also depends on your level of education and area of work.

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