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Honours in Sociology

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Joint Honours in Anthropology and Sociology

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Joint Honours in Communication and Sociology

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Joint Honours in Feminist and Gender Studies and in Sociology

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Sociology involves the empirical study of societies, institutions and cultures. Sociologists seek to uncover the processes and social relations that organize and influence social behaviour and strive to understand the origins and consequences of contemporary social arrangements and the dynamics of social change.

In our programs, students apply theoretical approaches to real-world cases and learn how to use quantitative and qualitative research tools (interviews, focus groups, discourse analysis and surveys), all heavily used in the current job environment. The connection between theory and research enables them to develop a critical understanding of a range of contemporary social issues, such as social justice and inequality, ethnic relations, deviance, individual and collective identity, gender relations, international development, social power, and science and technology.

General admission requirements

Province Prerequisites Admission averages
Ontario English or Français 4U ± 75 %
Quebec – CEGEP English (603) or Français (601) ± 65 %
Quebec – Secondary V English or Français 84 %

Program highlights

  • Research methods are a priority for the program. We value quantitative and qualitative research methods equally. Both are necessary to successfully unlock sociology’s potential, and both are sought-after skills by a range of employers and postgraduate professional programs.
  • Our program values classical sociology and contemporary sociology. We know that creative rereadings of classical sociology, when combined with cutting-edge contemporary research, stimulates new ideas.
  • As one of the disciplines that pioneered global studies, we encourage our students to obtain international experience to develop a hands-on understanding that the local and the global are inseparable. We encourage interdisciplinary studies and real-world experiences.

Career opportunities

  • Social sciences researcher
  • Public policy analyst
  • Human resources manager
  • Social justice organizer
  • Diversity consultant

Course examples

International opportunities

This program provides students with international opportunities as of their third year of study.

Yannick Masse


“Sociology helps me make sense of the many contradictions inherent to our world. As a discipline, it not only assists me in understanding current phenomena, it also gives me the tools to explain them. At the same time, sociology allows me to be creative. What particularly interests me at the moment are questions around national identity. Though we want to be open and welcome others, as Canadians, we also want to have our own identity. How are these tensions playing out in society? What does it mean to be a Quebecer? What does it mean to be Franco-Ontarian… or Canadian? In the current national context, for example, can Quebec be seen as a distinct society?”

Yannick Masse, graduate

José López

“Understanding how society works is a continually evolving puzzle: the familiar becomes strange, the taken-for-granted becomes fascinating. Our sociology program and its cutting edge research will help you acquire essential research skills to explore the contemporary social issues that matter to you.”

José López, professor


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