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Social Work (offered in French only)


Honours with Specialization in Social Work (offered in French only)

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This program trains specialists in social work who can intervene directly with individuals, groups and communities, but who also have solid training in theoretical concepts as well as in social contexts and social work policy.

Through a combination of classroom instruction and two full practicum terms, students learn to apply intervention skills in the context of issues linked to poverty and social inequality (based on sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and physical and mental abilities). The program leads to professional accreditation.

Note: This program is offered in French only.

General admission requirements

Province Prerequisites Admission averages
Ontario English or Français 4U Limited enrolment
Quebec – CEGEP English (603) or Français (601) Limited enrolment
Quebec – Secondary V English or Français Limited enrolment
Stacey Wharton

Stacey Wharton is now doing her Master’s in Social Work. When she was in her final year at the undergraduate level, she completed a field research course which brought her and her classmates to Chicago to visit Hull House, a community house established by one of the founding mothers of Social Work. She highly recommends it to future students!

Program highlights

  • Class sizes are small and our students enjoy quality connections with their peers and professors. In fact, our students and professors benefit from a well-established reputation of professionals dedicated to community building. One of the distinguishing features of our School is its progressive history as an integral provider of services to previously under-served groups and minorities.
  • Students acquire a balance of theoretical and hands-on learning through practicums.
  • Our students, professors and graduates approach social work in creative and interdisciplinary ways, which encourages innovation and progressive thinking.

Career opportunities

  • Social worker (professional title)
  • Outreach worker
  • Community worker
  • Social policy analyst
  • Aid worker

Course examples

International opportunities

This program provides students with international opportunities as of their third year of study.


Stacey Wharton

“In my first year, I took a variety of courses (psychology, criminology, philosophy, sociology, women’s studies). Introduction to social work was my favourite! I loved not just the course content, but also the fact that that it encouraged all the students to get involved in the community. In second year, I worked on another community project (in a women’s shelter), and then I did two more work-study programs in third year and fourth year. From the outset, the program let me forge links with different communities. I acquired valuable work experience and I was able to strike a happy balance between practice and learning theory in the classroom.”

Stacey Wharton, graduate

Rocheny Alexandre

“Society is ever changing. Different social mutations are constantly projecting new realities. In social work, we are interested in the impact that these realities have on individuals, on communities and on society in general.”

Rocheny Alexandre, student



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