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Honours BSc in Psychology 

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Psychology is the science specializing in the understanding of human behaviour and mental processes. The School of Psychology offers two programs that give undergraduate students the opportunity to take part in academic research projects providing them with privileged insight into the many facets of the discipline.

The BSc curriculum deals extensively with the scientific fundamentals of psychology with a particular focus on the biological, chemical and cognitive factors underlying human and animal behaviour. This program prepares you for graduate studies in experimental psychology, neuroscience or health sciences.

General admission requirements

Province Prerequisites Admission averages

English or Français 4U

Advanced Functions 4U

Two of the following courses:

Biology 4U1, Calculus and Vectors 4U2 (strongly recommended), Chemistry 4U3, Physics 4U

1 Biology 4U or BIO 1109 at uOttawa is a prerequisite to BIO 1130 and BIO 1140.
2 Calculus and Vectors 4U or MAT 1339 at uOttawa is a prerequisite to MAT 1300.
3 Chemistry 4U or CHM 1301 at uOttawa is a prerequisite to CHM 1321.

± 75%
Quebec – CEGEP

English (603) or Français (601)

Mathematics (201) Calculus I1

Two of the following courses:

Biology (101) General Biology2, Chemistry (202) General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry3, Physics (203) Mechanics or Electricity and Magnetism, Mathematics (201) Algebra I1

1 A calculus and vectors course or MAT 1339 at uOttawa is a prerequisite to MAT 1300.
2 A biology course or BIO 1109 at uOttawa is a prerequisite to BIO 1130 and BIO 1140.
3 A chemistry course or CHM 1301 at uOttawa is a prerequisite to CHM 1321.

± 65%
Quebec – Secondary V

English or Français;

Technical and Scientific option or Natural Science option (Secondary V)1;

Science and Technology (with or without option) (Secondary IV);

Chemistry 504;

Physics 504

1 Students are required to take a make-up course in functions and/or calculus and vectors at uOttawa is a prerequisite to MAT 1000 level courses.

Allison Leeming

Allison Leeming is heading into her third year of studies in the Psychology Bsc program. So far, one of her favourite courses has been Behavioural Neuroscience.

Program highlights

  • The School of Psychology serves as a national and international reference point in psychology. It is characterized by its openness to other disciplines, its strategic directions to meet future needs in the field, and its commitment to bilingualism.
  • Researchers, professors, and students are often involved in community-focused projects that have real-world applications in everyday life
  • Students can take part in labs and courses that feature a low student-to-teacher ratio, thus facilitating active participation and individualized learning.
  • Our two psychology programs are designed to encourage undergraduate students to take part in academic research projects, giving them a privileged look into the diversity of the discipline while helping them make an informed decision about pursuing studies in psychology at the graduate level.
  • We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration: it is not uncommon for our students and professors to be working with colleagues from other faculties (Science, Medicine, Health Sciences and Arts).

Career opportunities

  • Researcher in neuroscience
  • Psychopharmacology researcher
  • Research psychologist
  • Research assistant
  • Neuropsychologist1

1 May require additional studies

Course examples

International opportunities

This program provides students with international opportunities as of their third year of study.

Graduate Study Opportunities

  • MA(Ed) or MEd with concentration in Counselling Psychology
  • Doctorate (PhD) with Specialization in Clinical Psychology
  • Doctorate (PhD) with Specialization in Experimental Psychology


Allison Leeming

“This diverse and versatile program allows me to explore human functioning through a variety of perspectives, ranging from sociology to neuroscience. I have always loved the hard sciences, but I also really love interacting with people. In a sense, this program delves as far as possible into the sciences, while still being a social science.”

Allison Leeming, student

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