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Political Science


Honours in Political Science

Course Sequence | CO-OP | French Immersion

Honours in Political Science and Juris Doctor (JD) (Program offered in French only)

Course Sequence | French Immersion

Joint Honours in Communication and Political Science

Course Sequence | CO-OP | French Immersion

Joint Honours in Economics and Political Science

Course Sequence | CO-OP | French Immersion

Joint Honours in History and Political Science

Course Sequence | CO-OP | French Immersion

Joint Honours in Philosophy and Political Science

Course Sequence | French Immersion

Joint Honours in Public Administration and Political Science

Course Sequence | CO-OP | French Immersion

Joint Honours in Feminist and Gender Studies and in Political Science

Course Sequence | CO-OP | French Immersion

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Political science studies power, the key principles of living together and the differences among political regimes. It examines the state, institutions, collective action, distribution of resources, conflict resolution, the role of ideas, international relations, and globalization. Political science covers all political levels from the local to the regional, provincial, national and international level.

Our programs offer solid training on pivotal issues such as citizenship, federalism, minorities, First Nations, political participation, political economics, public policy, globalization, the state, ethics, and democracy. A discipline open to many theoretical and methodological approaches, the School of Political Studies focuses on critical reflection and experiential learning both within and outside the classroom.

At the School of Political Studies, you will have an extensive choice of courses in four distinct subfields of the discipline: political thought, Canadian and Quebec politics, comparative politics, and international relations and global politics.

General admission requirements

Province Prerequisites Admission averages
Ontario English or Français 4U ± 75 %
Quebec – CEGEP English (603) or Français (601) ± 65 %
Quebec – Secondary V English or Français 84 %
Logan Turner

Logan Turner is originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He chose uOttawa to pursue his degree in Political Science while perfecting his second language skills. Logan completed two semesters abroad (one in Paris and a second in Grenoble). He stayed active by participating in intramural sports (volleyball, soccer and dodgeball) and by volunteering for the Peer Help Phone Line.

Program highlights

  • Just two steps from Parliament Hill and the Quebec border, in the heart of the nation’s capital, the School has, over the years, benefited from a rich network of contacts developed by its professors and alumni.
  • In light of its bilingual status and its diversity, the School is recognized as one of the most important centres for the meeting of Anglophone and Francophone intellectual traditions in the country and internationally.

Career opportunities

  • Government programs officer
  • Political commentator or columnist
  • Political scientist
  • Departmental officer
  • Public policy analyst
  • Survey or poll analyst
  • Regional or international development officer
  • Foreign-service officer
  • Lobbyist

Course examples

International opportunities

This program provides students with international opportunities as of their third year of study.

Justin Turcotte


"We follow politics on every media, every day, but in Ottawa, you get to see politics play out before you. Politicians come to campus regularly - members of Parliament, ministers, ambassadors. It is a huge advantage for students in my program of study."

Justin Turcotte, student

Logan Turner

“I chose uOttawa because it provided me with a chance to continue my studies in French Immersion while also allowing me to live and work in the National Capital region. I have always been interested in current affairs, and studying political science in the very city where our federal politicians conduct their work every day was an opportunity that I could not pass up!”

Logan Turner, student

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