Minors, Option, Certificate and Microprogram

These disciplines can be added to your main program of study as a minor only once enrolled.

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Aging Studies (Minor)

The minor in Aging Studies combines the study of aging with several disciplines in social sciences, health sciences and the arts. The program, which develops knowledge and practical skills related to aging and the elderly, is designed for students interested in health, social services, social policy and research on the new realities of aging.

This program can lead to careers in social work and health care in hospitals, community centres, shelters or government agencies.

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Aging Studies (Microprogram)

The microprogram in Aging Studies allows students to stand out in the job market or in research by acquiring knowledge and abilities in health and social services related to aging. One of the highlights of the program is a course on community involvement in services for older adults, which aims to consolidate practical and theoretical learnings. This microprogram is open to students wishing to add to their knowledge of Aging Studies.

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Global Studies (Minor)

The minor in Global Studies allows students to expand their studies to include phenomena and processes related to globalization. As massive change sweeps the planet, the ability to grasp the issues involved in globalization is central to fully understanding our society.

This program can lead to careers in international development, politics, diplomacy and immigration.

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Social Sciences of Health (Minor)

This multidisciplinary minor is for students who want to explore health related issues from a social sciences perspective. Research on the social determinants of health can shed light on the complex factors that can determine the health of populations. It can reveal key insights into why some people are healthier than others and what contributes to health improvement in a given population. The program encourages students to engage in critical dialogue on the social, economic, political, psychological and cultural dimensions of health.

This program can lead to careers in public administration, social and health policy, and community services.

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African Studies (Option)

For many decades, Africa has experienced profound social, demographic and political transformations, which have propelled it to the forefront of the international scene, not as a place of concentrated suffering (wars, epidemics, etc.) but as one of immense potential for its own population and for the entire world.

This option allows students to improve their knowledge and understanding of the issues related to these profound changes.

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Certificate in Political Studies

The certificate is designed for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of political science. The certificate is open to recent secondary school or college graduates, experienced volunteers, community workers or civil servants.


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