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Conflict Studies and Human Rights


Honours in Conflict Studies and Human Rights

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The international community has, for several decades, sought to prevent and end conflict while helping to build sustainable peace. Where has it succeeded and how, and why has it failed elsewhere?

Our program explores the causes and consequences of the many armed conflicts that persist around the world and brings you to reflect objectively on issues such as human rights, war, peace and international security. If you’re interested in issues relating to conflict and human rights, this program is a perfect fit!

General admission requirements

Province Prerequisites Admission averages
Ontario English or Français 4U ± 75%
Quebec – CEGEP English (603) or Français (601) ± 65%
Quebec – Secondary V English or Français 84%
Ambassador of Azerbaijan with a group of student

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan visits Professor Zürcher’s 4th year class on Intractable Conflict & Difficult Peace, a hands-on class in which students have to develop and present their own peace plans for countries who share a history of conflict.

Program highlights

  • The only program in Canada that combines the study of conflict and human rights.
  • We take a multidisciplinary approach and encourage critical perspectives, debate, and in-depth research into the causes of conflicts and the role of human rights in resolving conflicts.
  • Because of our location in the nation’s capital, and the expertise of our researchers and of our professors, students have the opportunity to meet guests and keynote speakers from government and from around the world.
  • Due to the multidisciplinary nature of this program, some courses are taught by professors at the Faculty of Law, making this ideal for students interested in pursuing a law degree.
  • Our students are offered fantastic experiential learning opportunities through field research courses, international internships, exchanges and practical projects.

Career opportunities

  • Department assistant in international relations
  • International development officer
  • Development officer in peace-building initiatives
  • Program or project officer
  • Security and defence policy analyst
  • Foreign-service office
  • Conflict resolution worker

Course examples

International opportunities

This program provides students with international opportunities as of their third year of study.

Omra Masstan


“This exceptional program deals with current issues and real-world problems and is an ideal happy medium between two important disciplines: politics and law. It helps students cultivate a critical mindset with regards to international matters unfolding right now.”

Omra Mastan, student

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