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Graduate Studies in Criminology


MA in Criminology

General information and program requirements - Master of Arts Criminology | Handbook

Criminology is devoted to the scientific analysis of crime, justice and social control. It focuses on four broad themes: the social construction of norms and the notion of crime; the criminalization of specific behaviours, individuals and groups in our society; the analysis of the goals, functioning and impacts of the criminal justice system; and the examination of contemporary forms of intervention.The master's program consists of three distinct 30 credit options: one with major research paper, one with Thesis, and one with a Thesis and Field Placement. These three options are intended to form criminologists who analyse the major theoretical and methodological issues in criminology through the acquisition of a central body of disciplinary knowledge along with the integration of additional specialized knowledge that enable students to deepen the analysis of certain issues, achieved through optional courses or a field placement seminar course along with a placement in the field.

The Master Degree in Criminology with two diplomas (only offered in French)
University of Ottawa and Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

The Department of Criminology now offers this new option in its MA program. The program is in two years: the first year of study takes place at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and the second one at the University of Ottawa. The thesis will be co-supervised by a professor of each university. When the student has completed all the requirements of the degree, each university will confer the grade. Please note that the program is only offered in French. View the English program information (pdf, 493.78 KB).

Deadline: January 15th

Note: Based on availability in the program, strong applications will continue to be examined and admission scholarships are available for all eligible candidates.

PhD in Criminology

General information and program requirements - Doctorate in Philosophy Criminology | Handbook

The PhD program focuses on the creation and reform of criminal justice policies. It has two specializations: criminal justice policy and program development, and the theoretical and empirical analysis of policy and program implementation. In both specializations, the goal is to better understand the issues in order to achieve change. Students will find the department a stimulating environment with a commitment to critical analysis, research excellence and social engagement. The program is offered in English or French. Graduates find career opportunities as university or college professors, researchers or criminal justice policy officers.

Deadline: January 10th

Note: Based on availability in the program, strong applications will continue to be examined and admission scholarships are available for all eligible candidates.

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