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Profile 1

I'm interested in:

  • history, political studies, sociology and the economy
  • various social science disciplines
  • how societies operate in general

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Profile 4

I'm interested in:

  • male-female relations
  • social movements, and feminism in particular
  • public policies
  • minorities and issues of identity

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Profile 2

I'm interested in:

  • research activities
  • contemporary social problems
  • societal issues
  • open-mindedness and broader views of the world
  • exercises requiring critical thinking and analysis

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Profile 5

I'm interested in:

  • various social science disciplines
  • health issues
  • history, political studies and the economy

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Profile 3

I'm interested in:

  • contemporary social problems
  • issues surrounding poverty, inequality and marginalization
  • the fate of others and supporting and assisting others
  • social relations

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