Discover what interests you

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a variety of engaging programs in which you will have the opportunity to develop and refine skills to help you advance in a career.

Four main themes characterize our programs. They are:

  • National and international politics;
  • Living standards, Our economic future and society’s well-being;
  • Establishing helping relations with others;
  • Study of society, itself and of life in society.


Choose a program based on what seems most interesting and exciting to you, in terms of your personal, academic, and professional goals.

The Faculty offers you the online tool below to help you make that choice.

After working through this exercise, feel free to consult the admissions requirements and suggested course sequences for the programs that have caught your attention. Don’t forget to tune into the wide variety of admission events put on by the University of Ottawa so that you can discover more about the faculty and its programs!

Now it’s time to shop for your interests!

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