The Vulnerability, Trauma, Resilience and Culture Research Laboratory (V-TRaC) directed by Dr. Jude Mary Cénat is pursuing a research program in youth and adults. The V-TRaC research lab studies the impact of vulnerability and trauma in relation to coping and resilience strategies. Our research aims to integrate clinical, developmental, individual, community, family, social and cultural factors in order to develop culturally appropriate assessment, prevention and intervention tools that meet the real needs of individuals and communities. The V-TRaC lab has three main research axes:

Vulnerability and trauma

This research axis studies the risk and protection factors associated with vulnerabilities and interpersonal and non-interpersonal traumas (including traumas from natural disasters) as well as new forms of trauma (including cyberbullying and intimate partner violence via information and communication technologies). It also examines the mental health consequences associated with trauma, as well as individual and collective coping strategies and resilience mechanisms.

Racial disparities in health and social services

This research axis is particularly interested in disparities in the mental health and social services provided to racialized individuals and families. It examines the social determinants of mental health in racialized communities, barriers associated with access to and use of care, and the needs of mental health professionals. It also analyses the racial, social, demographic, economic and cultural dynamics and issues related to disparities in social services.

Global mental health

Based on an intercultural and community perspective, this research axis studies mental health problems in low and middle-income countries. It also examines the impacts of culturally-sensitive programs that integrate local expressions and conceptualization in improving mental health care. This axis also aims to develop innovative community mental health tools, devices and programs that respect community traditions.


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