Venture initiative

Discover how to have an impact on your community!

Are you socially conscious and not afraid to shake things ups? Do you want to make a real, measurable contribution to a community or social project?

What is the Venture Initiative?
Étudiants présentent leur projet durant le salon de l'innovation

The Venture Initiative aims to develop the student skills that are necessary for the future of work through experiential learning. We accomplish this by redesigning academic courses, introducing social innovation and centering the learning around a real world problem, that is faced by our communities.

Students in Venture Initiative classes tackle on complex problems provided by community partners. They use the knowledge taught in class, and the tools introduced by social innovation, to propose real world solutions. 

At the end of our the course, all the students take part in the Venture Initiative Showcase, is a social innovation fair that puts on display the work of the students through poster boards, presentations, demos, online works and physical arts displays. This is a festive celebration and competition amongst the students. The judges, who are social innovators themselves, judge students on the creativity of their solutions, the quality of their pitches, and their overall work.

How can I be part of the Venture Initiative?

Below is the list of courses that are offered with the Venture Initiative. Look for them in the course timetable.

AHL 3300 Creativity and Innovation
ART 2926 Sculpture et concept | Sculpture and Concept
CMN 3109 Advanced Theories of Communication 
CMN 4129A Communication and Change in Organizations
CRM 2310B  Community Action and intervention in Criminology
DHN 2100 Workshop in Digital Humanities
DVM 2106  Introduction to International Development Practices: Challenges and Innovations 
DVM 2506A Introduction aux pratiques en développement international : défis et innovations
ECH 2730 A Théories des conflits
GEG2320 Introduction to Geomatics​​​​​​​
MUS4910 Stage / Practicum
PHI2797 Éthique des affaires
POL 2103D  Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics
PSY 3136 Language Development
PSY2105 Child Development
SVS2520  État-providence, politiques sociales et service social
THE3310 Techniques IV: Body/Voice/Speech 



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Fahd Alhattab: Well this is our venture’s showcase. So this is the big day that all the students are looking forward to throughout the whole semester. They’re working on their projects, they’re working with a community partner, they’re looking at creating a real world impact, a project that can affect their community and today they get to show it off, today they get to talk about it to judges, they get to talk about it to their community partners. A chance to showcase their work, but a chance for them to be judged and a chance for them to win some really cool prizes.

Female participant: The venture initiative was very interesting, it really allowed us to apply our knowledge that we learned in school and really put it in to real life problems and the whole event was really incredible.

Alumni: I am very happy to have participated in the initiative today at the request of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. I graduated from that Faculty at the University of Ottawa.

Male participant: I have an algorithm that will basically help grocery stores order the efficient amount of food needed instead of buying too much as they are right now.

2nd male participant: Our project focuses on technological cultures that Rachelle-Béry will implement in her company to fight supply challenges with local suppliers.

Vicky Barham: My name is Vicky Barham and I am the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences here at the University of Ottawa. It’s incredibly important for young students to draw connections between the academic concepts taught at the university and the challenges of our society.

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