In 2014, protests in the Ukraine made the headlines around the world.

The civic organization of thousands of people in Kiev's Square of Independence has come to be referred to as EuroMaidan. What are the EuroMaidan demonstrations about and why did they occur in the first place? How could Ukrainian politics be connected to Canada's electorate, and what importance do these current events have for the future of Ukraine?

Watch this 5-minute clip for answers.

The Chair of Ukrainian Studies, affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences' School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa, is the only research chair of its kind in the world, outside of Ukraine itself, which closely examines various aspects of the country's identity, its past, present and future.

The video features an interview conducted at the University of Ottawa's Café Nostalgica, which is located in the heart of Canada's national capital.

Thanks to Professor Dominique Arel, chair holder of the Chair of Ukrainian Studies, and to photographs taken by Miss Natalia Stepaniuk, a graduate student involved with the Chair, we gain a better understanding of these developments.

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