About the Chair


The Chair of Ukrainian Studies is a research unit associated with the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa. It is the only chair in Canada and outside of Ukraine dedicated specifically to the study of contemporary Ukraine or related topics dealing with politics, economy and sociology of Eastern European states and the Post-Soviet space. The Chair uses an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together faculty members, research fellows, and graduate students from different disciplines as well as community members to discuss the issues of interest.


The Chair of Ukrainian Studies pursues four main objectives:

  1. Creates a stimulating academic and research environment for faculty members, researchers and graduate students working on issues pertinent for contemporary Ukraine;
  2. Extensively supports and contributes to the development of Ukrainian studies in Canada and abroad;
  3. Promotes the dissemination and visibility of research from emerging Ukrainian scholars living in Ukraine or abroad;
  4. Stimulates an ongoing dialogue and cooperation between the academia and the Ukrainian community in Canada by organizing various events to share and discuss ideas.


With a tradition of Ukrainian studies dating back to the 1960's, the University of Ottawa has a long history of such studies in North America. In the 1980's, the two research study funds created by the Antin and Nadia Iwachniuk and the Constantine Bida funds were integrated and became the Ukrainian Studies and Research Endowments (USRE) at the University of Ottawa. Its successor, the Chair of Ukrainian Studies, was formally established at the University of Ottawa, within the Faculty of Social Sciences, on February 1993 and was launched on November 1995 with the Rt. Hon. Ramon J. Hnatyshyn, former Governor General of Canada, as Honorary Patron. Since 2003, Dominique Arel, associate professor at the School of Political Studies, is the titular of the Chair of Ukrainian Studies.

Since its launching, the Chair of Ukrainian Studies has organized a variety of events, academic conferences and public lectures which have been held at the University of Ottawa. Among the events organized, the Chair is particularly proud of the Annual Danyliw Research Seminar, which is made possible since 2005 by the commitment and support of the Wolodymyr George Danyliw Foundation, and of the Ivan Franko Memorial Annual Lecture, organised since 1985 and co-sponsored by the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association (UCPBA). In 2011, the Chair has been endowed by the Kule family foundation in order to create the annual Drs. Peter and Doris Kule Doctoral Scholarship on Contemporary Ukraine for a Canadian or international student with an interest in contemporary Ukraine pursuing doctoral studies in social science discipline at the University of Ott

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