Teaching Assistants: What role do they play?

What do they do?

A teaching assistant, often referred to as a “TA”, is a graduate or postdoctoral student who is responsible for helping the professor administer a course. A teaching assistant may be required to mark some of your assignments and exams, conduct tutorials for students, and hold office hours.

How can they help you?

You can contact your TA if you have questions and concerns regarding class material, exam and assignment expectations, and the grading of exams and assignments (if the TA was assigned to mark your work). TA’s have a good understanding of the challenges undergraduate students face with course material and examinations because they were once an undergraduate student too!

How can you reach them?

Their office hours and location should be written in your course syllabus and confirmed by the professor in the first classes of the semester.

Get to know your teaching assistants – they can be great resources during your university experience!

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