SCS 1150 : Starting off on the right foot... First Year Seminars

Livres pilés les uns sur les autres

The Introduction to Studying the Social Sciences course (SCS 1150) is a unique opportunity to ensure a successful transition to your university studies. This course was developed to provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the standards and requirements of the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has created the First Year Seminars to ensure that new students develop their critical thinking and acquire essential skills for academic success.

Although the course calendar and the methodological workshops are identical for all sections (limited to 30 students), each professor will introduce a specific topic which students will debate.

    Intellectual Work Methods

    All the assignments and exercises in this course are supported by customized methodology workshops. These workshops will guide you step by step as you complete your work and help you achieve success. The methodologies applied in these workshops will prove invaluable in all your courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

    To Register

    Enrolments for this course are limited to approximately 30 students. You can register through uoZone during the official course registration period.

    For the course timetable, please visit the following website.

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