Admission Scholarship - Doctoral Studies

Admission Scholarship Doctoral Studies within your reach!


Admission Scholarship - Doctoral Studies

University of Ottawa

Admission Scholarship

Doctoral studies within your reach!

$6,367 Tuition + $1,768 Incidentals = Fees2 (superscript): $8,135

$9,000 paid by the University of Ottawa + $10,000 by the academic unit in form of assistantships or soft-funded scholarships = Total Value: $19,000

Admission scholarship1 (superscript):

The admission scholarship will be given automatically to student (Canadians and permanent residents) whose admission average is 8.0/10 or more and who register full-time without interruption for the duration of the scholarship (12 consecutive sessions). 

  1. Based on 2019-2020 fees and the admission scholarship. Please note that the academic year is based on 12 months, or three full sessions.
  2. The University of Ottawa will provide financial assistance of at least $76,000, i.e. a minimum of $19,000/year over a period of four years.
  3. Tuition and other mandatory fees are calculated based on the program of studies and Full Time status. This is an estimated budget; amounts will vary according to your particular situation (your program of study and other factors).

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