Fall 2019 Enrolment, Undergraduate Studies

The beginning of the school year is here! Are you ready?

September 3rd to September 17th is usually a very stressful time for everyone because its the fall intensive enrolment period! 

Let us, the members of the FSS Undergraduate Studies Office help you make this enrolment period the best one you've ever had.  We are not promising to make the waiting line disappear - as of yet - but we did make some changes that might help you avoid them!  But should you have to wait, please know that the agent who will be seeing you will offer you her expert help, advice and available options. 

In order to avoid the lineup or maybe even create the lineup yourself - come prepared and have your student card ready! 

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • you might want a particular course but the system simply will not let you do so either because the course is full or the available seats are reserved for a specific program or year of studies -  if this is the reason you are in line - come prepared and bring options or simply place yourself on the course's waiting list
  • consult the Course Enrolment web site to help you understand the waiting list option
  • consult your program Course Sequence for course options
  • consult the tutorials through enrol in your Student Centre application via uoZone.
  • if the system will simply not allow you to register because you have a negative (financial or other) condition - please know that we are unable to over ride this condition and that you will have to contact Infoservice.
  • consult the online forms - it might just save you a visit
  • if you are a special student please follow these instructions to complete your enrolment
  • request documents online through uoZone (under the Applications tab, select Purchase Official Documents) or complete the Request for Documents form (PDF) and submit it to InfoService in person, by fax, by mail or through Docunet
  • the online program change portal closes on August 31st for the fall 2019 term and will be available on October 1st, 2019 for the winter 2020 term. Consult the Make changes to your Undergraduate Program page to obtain further information. 
  • you want to study abroad ? - check these out mobility programs at the Faculty of Social Sciences and/or the International Office
Planning for the spring convocation

Congratulations, you have nearly made it! You can to submit your registration for degree for the November Convocation and request for diploma online through your uoZone account by September 15th, 2019 at the latest.

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