Registration 2018, Undergraduate Studies

From January 8th to January 26th inclusively, the Office of Undergraduate Studies will be focusing on enrolment. The wait time during this intensive walk-in registration period will, unfortunately, be longer. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It will be possible to book an appointment as of February 20th.

In order to avoid the lineups, we encourage you to consult the Course Enrolment web site.

The following will be processed from January 8th to January 26th:

Course Enrolment
  • Course sequences: To find out which courses to follow this trimester and throughout your studies.
  • Error message: Error: You are unable to enroll in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity requirements.” This means that the available seats are currently reserved for students in other programs of study or in other years of study.
  • Waitlist: When a course is full, you can put yourself on the waitlist and be automatically enrolled if a spot becomes available for your program of studies and if it fits into your schedule. Please note that you can put yourself on the waitlist for a course even if no seats are reserved for your program of studies.
  • Places reserved for another program: If you want to register for a course, but the remaining places are reserved for students in another program add your name to the waitlist of the course. If it is possible to give you a place, it will be the way to access it.
  • Registration Support: Consult the tutorials through Enroll in your Student Centre application via uoZone. Attend registration labs on Friday, January 5th from 3 to 5 p.m. (VNR 2008), January 8 from 9 a.m. to noon (VNR 2015) or visit the Mentoring Center of the Faculty of Social Sciences at FSS 3023.
Letter of permission

The deadline for submitting an application for a letter of permission for winter term 2018 was December 15th. No late requests will be accepted. The results of the evaluation will be communicated to your address 15 to 20 business days after submission of the application. Requests for letters of permission for the Spring/Summer 2018 term will be accepted from February 26th to April 15th. Review the required documents and procedures before submitting your application.

Special student

Follow the instructions to complete your registration as of January 4th.


The following will be evaluated after January 26th:

Academic standing

Your academic standing will be official as of February 1st. Our team members will be available to analyze your academic record, clarify rules and regulations and help map out your academic career after this date.

Official enrolment verification

Request documents online through uoZone (under the Applications tab, select Purchase Official Documents). Alternatively, complete the Request for Documents form (PDF) and submit it to InfoService in person, by fax or by mail.

Making changes to your undergraduate program

The period for making changes to your program for the winter 2018 term is now closed. As of March 1, 2018, you will be able to make changes to your program for the 2018-2019 academic year. See the link for the steps to follow.

International mobility

See the following link for information on the mobility programs at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The International Office is the central point for information on international exchanges at the University of Ottawa.

Planning for convocation

Congratulations, you have nearly made it! You will be able to submit your registration for degree and request for diploma online through your uoZone account as of February 19th.

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