Suggested Progress – MA in Sociology with Thesis option

Thesis option

Year September - December January - April May - July

3 seminars :
SOC 7140 Advanced Quantitative Methodology
SOC 7141 Advanced Qualitative Methodology

SOC 7XXX elective course*
SOC 7XXX elective course*

Selection of a thesis supervisor

2 seminars :
SOC 6101 Research Design in Sociology

SOC 7XXX elective course*
SOC 7990 Thesis Proposal

Selection of a thesis supervisor

Completion of the Thesis Proposal
(SOC 7990)

Oral defence of the Thesis Proposal**


2 THM 7999 Thesis THM 7999 Thesis Submission of Thesis

Oral Defence

* One elective course at the graduate level (3 units) from another program may count as part of the coursework for a master’s with thesis, subject to the approval of the supervisor of graduate studies in sociology, and after consultation with the department responsible for the course.

** The Thesis proposal must be orally defended and approved by the student’s thesis committee before the research process begins.

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