Resources Available to Graduate Students

Work Space

An academic assistant sends an e-mail at the beginning of each semester asking those students who would like workspace in an office to respond. The assistant will then assign workspaces based on a number of factors.

Teaching Assistantships

The Coordinator of Operations will inform students when teaching assistant postings are available on the School website approximately one month before the beginning of the semester. Postings will be up for 10 days and then assignments will begin. Both successful and unsuccessful candidates will be notified.

For office hours, teaching assistants must do their own online booking by connecting to TARBS system.


For assistance related specifically to social science material, contact the Social Science Librarian: Alain El Hofi, Social Sciences Building, room 2010B, Tel 613-562-5800, ext. 7186.

Graduate Student Association

The Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Student Association represents all graduate students of the School. At the beginning of each academic year (in the Fall), an executive is elected at a general assembly. Positions are open to anyone. During the year, the Association represents graduate students at different levels in the University (at Departmental meetings, the TA union SFCP/CUPE 2626, as well as the Graduate Student Association at the University of Ottawa).

Members of the Executive also organize social, cultural and academic activities throughout the year, including discussion workshops (to foster discussion between professors and students), film discussions, and social events at the beginning and end of each semester.

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