Master’s by Major Research Paper - MA in Sociology

An MRP is an in-depth research paper that is conceptually and methodologically rigorous. Your research proposal and its implementation will introduce you to the marvelous world of research by enabling you to conceptualize and conduct your own research project and to present your findings in a coherent research report. The MRP does not have the scope and depth of an MA by Thesis. In practical terms, the MRP is generally 40 to 60 double-spaced pages, not including the bibliography and appendices.  An MRP does not typically require collection of data from human participants, and does not, as a result, require ethics approval. An MRP, for example, can take the form of a meta-analysis, an extensive literature review, an analysis of secondary data or an exploratory study. You will discuss all aspects of your MRP with your supervisor, including the most suitable research approach for your research question. Students registered for an MRP are required to complete seven courses in the program.

Program Sequence for the MA by MRP

Typically, the MRP with Thesis is completed in 18 months. In order to complete the program within this period, the academic progress of the MRP should follow the following sequence:

Term 1

  • Enroll in program courses requirements

Term 2

  • Continue with program courses requirements
  • Find and confirm a Thesis Supervisor via a service request in uoZone
  • In collaboration with your thesis supervisor, select a committee member

Term 3

  • Continue with program courses requirements
  • Undertake the proposed study (finish it two months after the beginning of the term) 
  • Start the redaction of the research report

Term 4

  • Last term to complete program courses requirements
  • Finish the proposed study and the redaction of the research report
  • Submit the MRP to your supervisor. The MRP must be finalized three weeks before the final evaluation deadline for the term
  • The committee has two weeks to read the MRP and prepare a report. An informal meeting of the committee is suggested
  • Once all the requirements are fulfilled, committee members will complete the confirmation form
  • The student submits the approved version of the MRP (SOC 7940) to the School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies Secretariat

The MRP is supervised by a professor in sociology from the School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies, and evaluated by two professors, one of which is the supervisor.



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