Directed Studies (SOC7930)

Registration Criteria for Directed Studies for MA and PhD students

In addition to the conditions specified in the official description (see below), students who wish to take SOC7930 (Directed Studies) must meet the following criteria. Students must face exceptional personal circumstances (illness, involuntary absence from campus, etc.) and/or have significant educational justifications (work on a specialized topic not covered in our courses, learn a complex method not otherwise taught, etc.).  The student’s thesis supervisor may not be responsible for the directed reading course, nor can members (official or prospective) of the various committees (thesis, research paper, comprehensive examinations, thesis or research proposal) take responsibility. The choice for director of the course is determined by mutual agreement between the student and the professor. Under no circumstances can a directed reading course replace a course required for the Master’s or Doctoral programs. In addition, directed reading courses cannot replace the “additional courses” that some students are required to take as a condition of their acceptance. Requirements associated with the directed reading course (amount and complexity of work, quality of work, frequency of meetings) shall be no less than a seminar on the same level.

SOC7930 Directed Studies in Sociology (3cr.)

Individual course aimed at deepening a student’s knowledge of a particular area or at gaining knowledge of a new area. The topic is selected and developed in consultation with the supervising professor in accordance with departmental guidelines. The work submitted for this course must be different from that submitted for other courses, including the thesis or research proposal, the master’s research paper or the thesis. Maximum of one directed readings course per student. Prerequisite: average of A-; permission of the Sociology Graduate Studies Committee.

ANT 6932 Directed Studies in Anthropology (3cr.)

Individual course aimed at deepening a student's knowledge of a particular area or at gaining knowledge of a new area.

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