Masters student Martine Rondeau explains why she chose sociology

Posted on Monday, September 18, 2017

Masters student Martine Rondeau explains why she chose sociology:

I chose the master's program in sociology since I got hooked on sociology during my bachelor! The master's degree in sociology allows you to explore a bunch of social issues that concern our contemporary societies, while (de) constructing the social reality.

What I like about my study program: I love the freedom to do research on what I am passionate about: for my thesis, I have been able to work extensively on contemporary social movements. I appreciated the unpredictability of the research because it allowed me to develop my capacities as a young researcher.

On campus, I became involved: as a student mentor at the Mentoring Center of the Faculty of Social Sciences. I was able to advise and guide students of the Faculty in their academic background and student experience.

After my master's studies... I plan to start my doctorate in sociology in order to continue my research on contemporary social movements.

Who is your favorite teacher and why? Stéphanie Gaudet (and not only because she is my thesis supervisor)! Stéphanie is very devoted to her students: she develops several academic projects outside the curriculum and she succeeds in making the methodology courses very interesting!

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