Masters in applied sociology and French immersion: call for scholarship proposals

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2020

The School of sociological and anthropological studies will be launching a program in applied sociology in Fall 2020. This program will first be launched in French with support for students who would like a French immersion option. The goal of the School is to offer the program in English in Fall 2021.

To celebrate the launch, the School will be offering 1000$ scholarships to applicants.

The goal of the program in applied sociology is to enable registered students to work in partnership with community and government partners, so as to provide support in research.

To be considered for the scholarship, candidates must apply to the program and include a 2 pages maximum letter of motivation. This letter must explain why you are interested in a program in applied sociology. You could, for instance, already work in the community or government sector and want to improve your abilities in identifying, evaluating and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data for a specific project. You could be a recent graduate from an undergrad program in sociology or related fields and want to improve your abilities in policy analysis, all while wanting to be in contact with the work market. Tell us about your projects and your vision of the role of research in sociology in your communities.

As this program will be launched in French, you must also demonstrate that you are able to attend graduate seminar in that language. Support will be provided by the Faculty of Social Sciences to help you in this task.

To apply to the program, please follow this link and select the one year course option. Applications completed before June 15th will thereby be entered in the scholarship competition.

We are available to answer questions and help you apply to the program. Feel free to contact Dr. Brieg Capitaine, chair of the master’s program:


Description: Course-based master’s degree in sociology

Specialize in the sociological issues you face at work.

The Applied Sociology program lets you deepen your understanding of issues of public interest, like social inequality, the French-speaking world, immigration or the effects of new technology. You can study an issue of your choice while improving your knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Increase your influence at work.

Few universities combine sociology, data analysis and data sharing in one program. Not only will you have the opportunity to strengthen your critical faculties by interpreting data, but you will develop your creativity by producing innovative communications tools that allow you to effectively present information to key stakeholders, both in the public sector and in community organizations. 

Benefit from over 65 years of engagement and leadership.

The School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies’ approach, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, makes it stand out as key partner in an environment where the federal government and various community organizations have extensive research requirements.



  • Full-time enrolment
  • In-person courses
  • Program given over three terms: Fall, Winter, Spring-Summer
  • Offered in French and with French immersion


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