Kathleen Rodgers has published the book “Protest, Activism, and Social Movements”

Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

book cover

Political sociologist professor Kathleen Rodgers has published the book Protest, Activism, and Social Movements. To get a copy of the book, please visit Oxford University Press.

Protest, Activism, and Social Movements is a thematic overview of the study of social movements in Canada, covering key topics such as framing, identity, tactics, repression, digital media, and globalization. With an engaging narrative style, case studies, and empirical examples from Canadian and global movements that are solidly grounded in theory, this text brings the passion and potential of social movements to life for Canadian students..

Kathleen Rodgers is a political sociologist interested in the study of social movements, lifestyle activism, digital activism and political imaginaries in Canada and elsewhere. She has published on the women's movement in Canada, transnational human rights organizations, Inuit activism as well as more theoretical themes in the study of social movements. She has a number of ongoing projects. Her most recent projects investigate the use of digital media by activists and Indigenous responses to large-scale mining projects. In addition, she recently received a SSHRC Insight Grant to conduct a project entitled 'Spiritual but Not Political?: Spiritual Activism in the Early 21st Century'. She recently co-edited (with Howard Ramos) 'Protest and Politics: The Promise of Social Movement Societies' and her recent book is entitled 'Welcome to Resisterville: American dissidents in British Columbia` (both with UBC Press). Dr. Rodgers is interested in supervising graduate student research projects addressing these or similar issues in the fields of social movements, protest, social problems, political migration, diaspora, localism, transnationalism and alternative communities. She specializes in projects employing qualitative methods.

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