HumAnimaLab (HAL) focuses on the anthropo(s)cene

Posted on Friday, March 3, 2017

HumAnimaLab (HAL) 

Director : David Jaclin, School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies

The main goal of the laboratory is to map human relations/contemporary animals and investigate the green crime and international trafficking in endangered species.

Originally focused on human-animal relationships, HumAnimaLab (HAL) became, in the space of just two years, a place of interrelated activities where students and professors from the University of Ottawa share weekly activities of research. Groups readings, sharing courses, rehearsals of presentations and scientific conferences, discussions of articles in preparation, documentary screenings, all activities organized by HAL are part of a joint effort to develop tools (theoretical, methodological and empirical) able to assist in a better understanding of this 'famous' Anthropocene.

Nowadays, HAL welcomes teachers and students from various units of the University of Ottawa (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science). Thus, all participants in the laboratory are interested (and so both very diverse and at the same time concurring) on the issue of human-environment relations and global impacts that such statements involve (at the cellular level and at the level of social representations).

HAL proposes to gather, integrate and work all together with a promising cast, composed of anthropologists, sociologists, specialist women's studies or communication, but also biophysicists. HAL’s ambition is to put uOttawa on the international map and make the Anthropocenic issue a multidisciplinary research leverage.

In terms of the functioning and organization of the laboratory, it will be:

- In the short term, to set up a series of tools and appointments (websites, digital archives, maps, but also reading group and reporting schedule) to allow students and professors to install a synergy of work in defining lines of research and publication of agendas.

- In the long run, David Jaclin hopes to see HAL to become an important and indispensable hub in North America. A hub which will receive on a monthly basis, a series of speakers from cross disciplinary backgrounds and they could publish certain texts in a special section of the journal Social Science Information (Sage).

List of participants


- David Jaclin (Sociological and Anthropological Studies)

- Julie Laplante (Sociological and Anthropological Studies)

- Meg Stalcup (Sociological and Anthropological Studies)

- Andrew Pelling (Biophysics)

- Christabelle Sethna (Feminist and Gender Studies)

- Kyle Conway (Communication)

- Anne Vallely (Classics and Religious Studies)

- Scott Simon (Sociological and Anthropological Studies)


- Alexis Calvé-Genest (PhD, Sociology)

- Nicolas Rasiulis (Masters, Anthropology)

- Christine Beaudoin (Masters, Anthropology)

- Nicolas Rutherford (Masters, Anthropology)

- Marie Lecuyer (Masters, Anthropology)

- Partick Weldon (Master, Anthropology)

- Chloé Laberge-Perrault (Master, Anthropology)

- Jacynthe Cauvier (Bac, International Development and Global Studies)

- Geneviève Cyr (Bac, Political Science)

- Chloé Gagné-Leblanc (Bac, Biology)

- Chloé Desjardins (Bac, Social Sciences)

- Léa Desjardins (Bac, Anthropology)

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