The HAL lab is back this Fall under the thematic program: Humans, Milieux, and Catastrophes

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This year, the research group Human-Animal-Laboratory (HAL) is back in September under the thematic: Humans, Milieux, and Catastrophes. This year, we’ll meet every Thursday at 11:30 in FSS5028 and alternate among reading sessions, documentary screenings, media workshops and conferences.

We start off September 7 with vibrating stories fresh from the field, with M.A. students sharing their first findings and recordings. This first gathering is also an occasion to set the tone, and collectively discuss how we want the 2017-2018 lab edition to look like.

Here is a glimpse at the coming events of September:
September 14, we’ll have a documentary screening of “Sunless”, a free-form travelogue that journeys from Africa to Japan, by videographer Chris Marker. Through documentary screenings, we'll think through body-camera relations and modes of narration.

September 21, the HAL is inviting Kelly Bronson, assistant professor in Anthropology at University of Ottawa, and candidate for the Research Chair of Canada. She will share with us her research on controversial technologies like GMOs, big data and hydraulic fracturing.

September 28, we’ll have our first media workshop and fieldwork in Gatineau Park. The workshops will be an attempt at gathering and creating collectively stories from a nearby territory, using our body sensors and extra-sensors to make sense of places. 

More is to come, for the full calendar of the semester, click here.

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