Anthropology Minor - a student explains why she choose to do one

Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2017

Corinne Laporte

4th year student Corinne Laporte talks about her program choice in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, with a minor in Anthropology.

Why did I choose this program? I chose the program a bit naively: I wanted to save the world! Four years later, I believe I chose the Conflict Studies program because I wanted to learn how to help people affected by wars, to help them rebuild their lives in their own way.

I chose to do a minor in Anthropology because I wanted to learn more about the different cultures in the world. Anthropology allows us to understand the values and beliefs of others, other than ourselves, in order to better understand their approach to the world.

What I like about my program of study... is that the program explores several different social sciences to give a better understand of conflicts and human rights. The teachers are all passionate about what they do, which makes the classes very interesting!

I like anthropology because the program is super-varied: everything that is part of our everyday life is related to a cultural aspect, and therefore everything is anthropological.

On campus, I got involved in... the Sociology and Anthropology Students' Association (SASA) for three years. I loved my experience, it allowed me not only to gain a better understand of the student community, but also to learn how to organize events that appeal to students. I also had the opportunity to be a student mentor in the Faculty of Social Sciences, where I was able to help students organize their schedules better and study effectively.

After my studies, I plan... on doing a Masters in Anthropology of Human Rights. Ideally, I would like to become an Anthropology professor, in order to introduce the students to this branch of anthropology.

Who is your favorite professor and why? My favorite professors are Scott Simon and Ari Gandsman. They are highly invested in student life, in order to make the experience of the latter more interesting. Both professors are very passionate about their profession, which makes their course all the more fascinating!

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