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Doctorate in Social Work

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The PhD in Social Work, available in both French and English, prepares students to become autonomous and independent minded researchers and high-level professionals. Graduates will be equipped to analyze the relationships between the micro-level and macro-level dimensions of social work practice. They will be able to exercise a leadership role in their area of expertise and collaborate in direct intervention and policy development environments. They will also be able to contribute significantly, through the production of scientific knowledge, to the renewal of social work practice. The PhD program in Social Work also trains qualified specialists who aim to pursue a career in higher education and research.

General information and program requirements - Social Work - uOttawa Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Orientation and fields of study

The PhD program is focused on the critical and contextualized analysis of the practices of social intervention. According to this perspective, practices are considered as having been elaborated at specific points in time and in particular environments, with the aim of responding to social problems, which are in turn always historically situated. This consideration of context requires that practices be analyzed at the juncture of social structures and the action of social actors. Social work, which is founded on multiple sources of disciplinary knowledge, presents a privileged perspective through which to understand the dynamic interaction between the macro-social and micro-social dimensions of practice. Our Ph.D. program is specifically interested in these dynamics.

Candidates are invited to contact the Supervisor of Graduate Studies or professors at the School of Social Work to see how their research interests can fit into the PhD program. The fields are defined as follows.

Expected Progression of Doctoral Studies
Year September - December January - April May - August
1st SVS 7101 and SVS 7102 SVS 7190 and 1 elective course Comprehensive Examination
2nd (...suite) Comprehensive Examination Research Project Research Project
3rd Research and Thesis writing Research and Thesis writing Research and Thesis writing


Research, writing, submission and Thesis Defense Research, writing, submission and Thesis Defense Research, writing, submission and Thesis Defense
5th If necessary If necessary If necessary

The School of Social Work at the University of Ottawa is an extra-european partner of the International Network of Doctoral Studies in Social Representations and Communication (SoReCom EuroPhD). Students with an interest in the study of social representations will have the opportunity to complete doctoral training courses at European universities.

Thesis Committee


Thesis supervisor


Comprehensive Examination


Thesis Proposal




Important information related to theses

Important information related to theses - Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies


Specific information related to an Article-based Thesis


Apply for admission (The program is offered in both French and English)

Please consult the specific requirements for the Doctorate in Social Work (uOttawa Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies).

For further information, please contact Dahlia Namian, PhD, Supervisor of Graduate Studies, at 613-562-5800, extension 4101 or at

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