Honours with Specialization in Social Work (offered in French only)

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Minor in Social Work (offered in French only)


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Master's in Social Work

The Master's program is available in French only.

Deadline: January 15th

Note: There will be a second competition (deadline: April 1 - limited places). Subject to availability, after the second contest, very good applications will continue to be examined.

Doctorate in Social Work

The PhD in Social Work, available in French only, prepares students to become autonomous and independent minded researchers and high-level professionals. Graduates will be equipped to analyze the relationships between the micro-level and macro-level dimensions of social work practice. They will be able to exercise a leadership role in their area of expertise and collaborate in direct intervention and policy development environments. They will also be able to contribute significantly, through the production of scientific knowledge, to the renewal of social work practice. The PhD program in Social Work also trains qualified specialists who aim to pursue a career in higher education and research.

Deadline: January 15th

Note: Based on availability in the program, strong applications will continue to be examined and admission scholarships are available for all eligible candidates

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  • Rifas Scholarship (In French)
  • Roland Lecomte Scholarship
  • Solange and Gerald McNeely Scholarship
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