Word from the Director

Marc Molgat

Deciding to study in an undergraduate program (bachelor's degree and minor) or post-graduate (master's and doctoral) in social work at the University of Ottawa is a unique opportunity to get socially engaged, and to be at the heart of intervention practices. Over the past 25 years, the School has developed educational programs across the three university cycles, all of which emphasize a critical analysis and research-intervention approach involving groups and organizations from a variety of backgrounds.

Since the graduation of the first cohort in the fall of 1994, the master's program has grown to nearly 583 graduates. Building on its achievements and active participation in its community, the School continued its commitment to academic and professional training in social work in 2006 by setting up a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. This undergraduate program already has more than 305 graduates. Both of these programs are accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) are designed to train social workers to be able to work with individuals and their families, groups and communities, and this, in an diversified institutional and communal environments, first in French Ontario, its primary mission, but also in Canada and internationally.

Building on its strong anchors, the School expanded its programs in the fall of 2010, by opening a Ph.D. in Social Work. This latter program is distinguished by its approach of critical and contextualized analysis of practices of social intervention. It invites students to take into account the complex cross-fertilization, at the heart of these practices, of the microsocial dimensions (at the level of the individual, groups and communities) and macrosocial (at the level of social relations, Policies and major discourses and socio-economic issues) of social work. The PhD program in Social Work shapes independent researchers and high level professionals. These people are equipped to become leaders in their field, to exercise leadership and to collaborate with intervention and policy formulation environments, thereby contributing to the renewal of social work intervention practices.

As a Director, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you on the School of Social Work website. I hope that the information contained in these pages will spark your interest and will answer your questions. For more information on our programs, do not hesitate to contact us at servsoc@uottawa.ca.

Marc Molgat
Full Professor and Director

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