Word from the Director

Sebastien Savard

Professor Sébastien Savard, Director of the School of Social Work

I completed my studies (where and in what?)

I completed my Bachelor of Social Work at the Université du Quebec at Chicoutimi. I come from this city of Saguenay and it was easier and cheaper to study at the undergraduate level. I then continued my studies in Public Administration at the National School of Public Administration, where I completed a Master's degree in Public Administration. I finally got my doctorate in social work at Laval University in Quebec City.

The best part of my job is . . .

My favorite part of my job is the time I spend updating my classes. I love to search the literature for new knowledge to integrate into my classes. I like to know that what I teach is up-to-date and on the cutting edge of domain knowledge. I also like the discussions with the students around the topics covered in the courses. Being able to see how the content discussed resonates with those who are confronted with these questions for the first time, at least in an academic context, is very inspiring and stimulating.

My colleagues would describe me as ...

A person with a good sense of humor who does not take himself too seriously. I like to think that I am a nice companion. I appreciate and respect the people I work with and they make me feel good about it. We spend many hours in our workplace, as well as in a positive environment.

The most important part of my day ...

I like to get up early to be able to consult the sites of the main media in order to inform me of the last developments and events of the news, while taking my first coffees. A day that starts without me being able to read my newspapers (or rather their site) is a day that starts badly. I also consider it essential that a university professor in social science be well aware of political, economic and social news.


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