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CBC The National: Not getting enough sleep? Here's why it could be affecting your memory

January 22, 2019: Dr. Stuart Fogel from the University of Ottawa's Sleep Research Laboratory is keen to discover the links between sleep and how we remember things on CBC The National. Read the full story at CBC news or watch The National online.

CBC Marketplace: Tired Doctors: How Your Doctor’s Schedule Could Harm Your Health

February 19, 2016: Do tired and overworked doctors on marathon shifts make more mistakes? It’s a nightmare that many people don’t think about: How your doctor’s schedule may be harming your health. Dr. Stuart Fogel from Western University's Brain & Mind Institute puts this question to the test on CBC Marketplace. Read the full story at the CBC Marketplace website or watch the Marketplace episode online.

Radio interviews

February 8, 2015: CBC Radio Spark
Your bed is listening to you while you sleep

November 5, 2014: CBC Radio Calgary Eyeopener
Shift work brains

November 6, 2014: Radio Canada International
Shift work ages brain, but is reversible

March 24, 2014: Radio Canada International
Lack of sleep may damage the brain

March 24, 2014: CBC Radio: Calgary Eyeopener
Lost sleep

November 4, 2013: CBC Radio: Ontario Morning
Sleep Research

November 1, 2013: London Community News:
Sweet dreams studied by Western sleep doctor

October 31, 2013: CTV News:
Western research connecting sleep to memory

October 31, 2013: CHRW News:
Exciting Sleep Study Under Way at Western

Print interviews

January 29, 2019: CBC News:
Lack of sleep is 'epidemic' among Canadian teens. Here's why it has doctors worried.

March 11, 2018: Global News:
How daylight saving time affects your sleep and what to do about it

March 9, 2018: University Affairs:
How science is battling the scourage of sleeplessness

November 8, 2016: Ottawa Citizen:
Here's the bad news about sleep and aging

November 8, 2016: Metro Ottawa:
Memory boost in sleep may deteriorate with aging

November 8, 2013: Medical Xpress:
Neuroscientist not napping on idea of explaining sleep

October 30, 2013: Health Canal:
Western neuroscientist investigates why humans sleep

March 1, 2013: The Scientist:
Sleep Protection Inducing certain brain patterns extends non-REM sleep in mice

February 15, 2013: The Globe and Mail:
A good sleep makes everyone sharper, healthier and calmer – especially teens

September 8, 2010: Wired:
The Brain’s Secret to Sleeping Like a Log

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