Public Policy

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This is just a sample of the research currently being conducted at the Faculty of Social Sciences related to these Research Themes and their Sub-Themes. Please visit the French web page to see other examples of research being conducted in French that are related to this sub-theme.

Environmental Politics


Fiscal Policies


Charts, diagrams, paper
Canadian Politics


Parliament of Canada
Education Policies


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Immigration Policies


  • Immigrant and Refugee Integration Trajectories
    Elke Winter
  • Attitudes of Young Adults Towards Undocumented Immigration in Canada
    Dave Miranda
  • Research Group on the Economics of Immigration
    Serge Nadeau
  • Temporary foreign workers: employment conditions and pathways to permanent residency
    Delphine Nakache
  • Immigration, Diversity and Public Policy
    Ravi Pendakur
  • The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility
    Miles Corak
Labour Policies


field worker


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