International Studies

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This is just a sample of the research currently being conducted at the Faculty of Social Sciences related to these Research Themes and their Sub-Themes. Please visit the French web page to see other examples of research being conducted in French that are related to this sub-theme.

Identity, Ethnicity, Citizenship


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  • National Identities in World Politics, 1950-2000
    Srdjan Vucetic
  • Securitization of migration and asylum in Canada
    Delphine Nakache
  • Genealogies of the Postcolonial State: Insurgency, Emergency, and Democracy in Sri Lanka
    Thushara Hewage
  • Comparative Indigenous Knowledges of Engagment with Mining in Canada and Guatemala
    Karine Vanthuyne
Human Rights, Conflict


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International Development


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  • Water-grabbing along the Red River in Southwest China
    Jean-François Rousseau
  • Information communication technologies, land rights, and agricultural transformation in Africa
    Christopher Huggins
  • New Trends in Canadian Development Assistance
    Stephen Brown
  • Women Building Social and Solidarity Economy Through Urban Agricultural Cooperatives
    Andrea Martinez
  • Rural-Urban Linkages, Livelihoods, and Food Security in Kenya
    Joshua Ramisch
  • An Anthropology of Water in Rio de Janeiro
    Meg Stalcup
  • Effective Practices for International Volunteering
    Rebecca Tiessen
  • Women's Empowerment, Conditionalities and Cash Transfer Programs in Bolivia and South Africa
    Susan Spronk
International Politics


  • Global Shifts and Canada's International Policy
    Roland Paris
  • International relations and global politics
    Jacqueline Best
  • Art for War: Heritage Looting, Blood Antiquities, and Terrorism Financing
    Costanza Musu
  • Faculty Research Chair in International Politics
    Michael Williams
  • A Histoty of Security in Five Objects
    Mark B. Salter
  • Get Smart: How well does intelligence analysis support policy making in Canada
    Thomas Juneau
  • Nationalism and Self-Determination Claims in Belgium, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom
    André Lecours
  • Is China building a more China-centered world?
    Jason Garred
  • The Physical Attractiveness of Deputies, the Electoral System Type and Candidates' Electoral Success
    Daniel Stockemer
  • The Comprehensive Approach to post-conflict reconstruction: Canada and the United States in Afghanistan
    Benjamin Zyla
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