Procedure for Hiring a Research Assistant

Job postings

Research assistant postings must be prepared within the academic unit.

Internal research funding * External research funding
All RA positions paid by internal funding must be posted in accordance with CUPE regulations Job posting is not compulsory

* Internal Research Funding = Operational budgets, RA awarded by the Vice-Dean for Research or the Research Committee and Start-up Funds.

Preparation of the contract

The contract is then prepared by your grant administrator (listed below). The administrator must verify the availability of funds before a contract is prepared.

Sector Person in charge
CRM, ECO, ESAPI, POL, SOC, SVS, FEM, EDIM Madeleine Potvin et Sylvie Gareau
School of Psychology Louise Robert

The researcher has the responsibility to communicate the following information, by e-mail, to the grant administrator:

  • Name of the student and student number
  • Home address and telephone number
  • Employee number (if available **)
  • Indicate if the student is full-time or part-time
  • Indicate the program of study (eg. PhD in Criminology)
  • Total hours of the contract
  • Start and end date of the contract
  • Budget code

** If the person has never worked for the University or does not remember his/her employee number, we must be provided with the student's social insurance number and date of birth. All new employees must provide a void cheque to activate direct deposits.

The grant administrator will then prepare the contract and contact the researcher and the student in order to obtain the appropriate approvals.

All Research Assistant contracts must be approved by the Research Administrative Officer (with the exception of the School of Psychology).

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