Research Priorities at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Vision for Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Justice, Equity, Social Groups, and Inclusion

Through theory building and research, researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences aim to increase our understanding of how social justice, equity and inclusion can be advanced in Canada and globally.

Examples include:

  • Gender studies and feminist pedagogies
  • Linguistic, identity-based, and religious minorities
  • Human diversity, human rights and equality
  • Political action, citizenship and participation, social action
  • Ethics and public life
  • Social inclusion and marginalization
  • Criminalization and poverty
  • Structures of inequality and power relations
Health and Human Development

From the genetic level to the global level, researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences strive to be world leaders in basic, applied, and intervention research to understand and improve biological and social conditions that promote optimal physical and mental health and personal development in Canada and globally.

Examples include:

  • The role of genetics, the brain, and biology in understanding mental and physical health, development, and human functioning
  • Access to social, health and mental health services
  • Disability studies
  • Social and environmental determinants of physical and mental health and development
  • Sexual and reproductive health and justice
  • Aging across the lifespan
  • Cognitive processes and development
Governance, Policy, and Open Societies

Researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences work on understanding the complex and thorny challenges of policy-making and governance in our increasingly complex societies and across a wide set of actors and settings.

Examples include:

  • Global, Canadian, Indigenous, and local governance and policy-making
  • Canadian democracy, institutions, constitution, political history, and processes
  • Security challenges and pathways to peace and stability
  • Global, transnational and national political movements
  • Immigration and refugee policy
  • Borders, mobility, and migration
  • Political activism
Environment, Sustainability, and Society

Through research, knowledge mobilization, and policy advocacy, researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences aim to confront the local and global challenges of a changing environment and its impact on societies, as well as prospects for sustainability and responsible growth that can provide opportunities for all peoples.

Examples include:

  • Climate change
  • Urban growth and sustainability
  • Agriculture, food security and nutrition
  • Human and non-human animals and their environments
  • Economic prosperity and growth
  • Anthropocene
Media, Technology and Society

Researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences examine the changes in our world brought on by advances in our media and technology and their effects on health, social practices, and political participation and discourse.

Examples include:

  • Implications of new and emerging technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Social media
  • Privacy, surveillance, and ethical dimensions of technology
  • Big data
  • Technology and society
  • Medical and food technologies
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