Our Services

Pre-Award Services

The Senior Research Advisor, Office of the Vice-Dean, Research, plays an important role in the preparation of grant funding requests. She serves as a link between funding agencies and researchers to ensure that each has the information they need in order to optimise their chances of success. She is responsible for endorsing and implementing strategies and activities to promote research at the Faculty.

The Senior Research Advisor ensures the dissemination of all information regarding publications, grants, research contracts, conferences, and awards and achievements to the Faculty, the University, and the outside community.

Research Project Management - Administrative Services

Support is also offered by the Office of the Vice-Dean, Research for everything related to research administration. This includes the management of funds, requests for an extension, management of certificates, human resources procedures, and many other services, while respecting University and granting agencies regulations.

The staff in the Office of the Vice-Dean, Research works closely with all central services at the University, affiliated institutes and external agencies to ensure the smooth functioning of research projects.

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