Making IT Projects Successful: A Program Manager’s Guide

The Program

Through presentations, interactive sessions, and drawing heavily on actual examples, this two-day course provides non-IT executives with practical, experience-based insight into IT projects related to government program delivery. The program draws heavily on actual experience with some of the most difficult public-sector IT projects to provide a thorough understanding of IT projects, with particular focus on the role of the business or sponsor executive throughout the project. The course aims to provide useful perspective and practical suggestions that a program executive involved in an IT project could immediately apply.

Who should Attend

This course is targeted to senior managers and executives who have or anticipate responsibilities in the management, oversight, or governance of an IT project related to government program delivery. The curriculum does not assume any knowledge of information technology.

Covered in the Course

  • The genesis and nature of IT projects and their relationship to government program delivery;
  • The common causes of failure of IT projects in the public sector;
  • The role of the business executive or project sponsor in conception and execution of IT projects in support of program delivery;
  • Phase-by-phase examination of major IT projects, and the respective roles of the business and IT areas in each;
  • Understanding and navigating central agency policy and guidance as they relate to major IT projects;
  • Best practices and helpful suggestions for executive oversight and governance of IT projects;
  • Special topics including procurement, contracting, and multi-stakeholder projects.
Richard Manicom


After a twenty-five year career with IBM Corporation, Richard Manicom became the IT executive at Revenue Canada for most of the 1990s. Since then, he has pursued a consulting practice focused mainly on the assessment and troubleshooting of large IT projects in the public sector. He has been involved in some of the most challenging IT projects in the Government of Canada, usually in an assessment role, and his opinion is frequently sought by senior officials on difficult IT project issues.


Centre on Public Management and Policy
University of Ottawa
Odell House, 180 Waller Street South
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9B9


If you have questions regarding the registration process or if you would like to receive a proposal for your organization, please contact us at, phone: 613-796-6100.

The course can be offered in English and French.

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