The programs and courses provided by the Centre are professional development opportunities. They are intended for individual practitioners wishing to prepare themselves for positions of greater responsibility.

National Security, Intelligence and Global Pandemics

This new online course, the first of its kind, will offer students the opportunity to learn about and explore the many possible impacts of global pandemics on the Canadian practice of security and intelligence. It will take as a starting point the experiences of dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 and extend the discussion to consider how best the Canadian security and intelligence system can contribute to future responses to global pandemics. The course will focus on the roles of early warning, analysis of threats, information provision to decision-makers, action-oriented responses, and efforts to monitor and predict the consequences of pandemics.

Fee: $1,200 + tax
Dates: October 19 to 30, 2020.

During the COVID-19 crisis, this course will be offered entirely online.

New World of National Security and Intelligence Review

This online course will offer an intensive survey of the origins and history of security and intelligence review in Canada, the current state of review practice, and the challenges ahead. Course participants will be made familiar with the legislative basis for the new review bodies, their political context, and will study current review reporting and future challenges.

Fee: $1,200 + tax
Dates: from November 16 to November 27, 2020.

During the COVID-19 crisis, this course will be offered entirely online. 

Summer course on Intelligence and Security

The course will offer participants, in a small seminar setting, an opportunity to engage in an intensive week of critical discussion and thinking on key aspects of the modern practice of intelligence and security. It will explore both a Canadian and international perspective and will draw out an appreciation of both the practitioner and academic/public policy perspectives on contemporary intelligence issues.

Fee: $2,150 + tax
Dates: to be determined

View Greg Fyffe and Wesley Wark present an introduction to the course.

The following courses are not currently scheduled but can be offered or customized for your organization:

Briefing Ministers and Senior Officials

The course will provide an opportunity for you to increase your oral and written briefing skills in a safe environment and learn the key elements to preparing and delivering presentations to public sector decision-makers. It will cover real-world preferences of senior officials and Ministers, the most common questions they ask and advanced techniques for briefing them effectively. The course is highly interactive and practical.

During the COVID-19 crisis, this course will be offered virtually.

Evidence That Matters: Using information for decision-making

This series of two one-day seminars provides a high-level overview of techniques, concepts, and challenges related to gathering, analyzing and using information for decision-making. We focus on key sources of program-related information found in most public-sector organizations: performance measurement and program evaluation. Each one of the two one-day modules can be taken separately.

Module A: Performance Measurement

Module B: Program Evaluation

View Mark Schacter present an introduction to the course.

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