Program Requirements

Programming is currently being delivered virtually, with plans to resume hybrid and in-person delivery in the coming months. Please consult the University of Ottawa website for up-to-date information about University-wide policies pertaining to COVID-19 and public health guidelines.


The Program is designed to inspire and develop exceptional mid or late-career public service executives or executives from other sectors to take on expanded leadership roles in the future. We believe that effective leaders are continuous learners, and we expect them to be actively engaged throughout their time with us to:

  • Prepare “leadership practice” self-assessments at the beginning, middle, and at the end of the Program;
  • Completing assigned readings, and reflect in advance on thoughtful questions;
  • Attend and participate actively in the sessions and the study tours;
  • Share responsibility for reporting on and distilling lessons from the study tours, and;
  • Present and discuss a case study or equivalent assignment on an agreed-on topic.

We understand that participants have many professional, domestic and personal demands on their time and attention. Still, we believe that proper time management is the hallmark of an effective leader who can arrange their time commitments to take full advantage of the learning investment that has been made in them. The Program requires participation in:

  • Orientation and Base-Camp (at least 5 days);
  • At least seven regular sessions for both 10-month parts of the Program (usually one and a half days each in duration). This totals at least 25 days.
  • Three one-week study tours (plus travel time) – at least 15 days in total.
  • About one additional day per month for reading and assignments.

Participants and presenters are encouraged to present and discuss freely in either English or French. Accordingly, participants are expected to be comfortable in both official languages.

The Program culminates in a Certificate conferred by the Faculty of Social Sciences. It does not result in formal academic credits.

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