Program Requirements

The Program is designed to inspire and develop exceptional mid-career public service executives, or executives from other sectors to take on expanded leadership roles in the future. Effective leaders are continuous learners. Accordingly, the Program demands active engagement of the participants:

  • to prepare by completing assigned readings;
  • to participate actively in the sessions and the study tours;
  • to share responsibility for reporting on and distilling lessons from the study tours;
  • to prepare “leadership practice” self assessments at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the program;
  • to maintain a learning journal throughout the Program; and
  • to submit an original individual case study or equivalent written assignment, on a topic agreed with the Program Director – participants will be expected to select the topic early in the Program and to prepare the paper in stages for review and feedback. Written work and group presentations will be shared with all participants.

The time commitment for participants is about three days per month over the Program’s 20 months, as follows:

  • At least eight sessions for both 10 month parts of the program (normally one and one-half days each in duration), plus four sessions during the base camp and wrap-up stages. This totals at least 30 days.
  • Three one-week study tours (plus travel time).
  • About one additional day per month for reading and assignments.

The Program modules are offered bilingually in English and French, with participants and presenters alike speaking or writing in the official language of their choice.

The Program culminates in a Certificate conferred by the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. It does not result in formal academic credits.

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