Program Objectives


The Program has proven successful in imparting new knowledge, developing needed skills, providing useful tools, and, overall, promoting personal growth to realize the leadership potential of each participant. Our aim is to renew and strengthen participants' passion for learning continuously now and in the future.

Our specific objectives are:

  • to deepen understanding of leading thought and practice in the areas of public sector management, governance, Canada in the world, and sound use of evidence;
  • to broaden exposure to diverse ways of thinking and acting as leaders in the increasingly accountable, networked and global environment in which they must operate;
  • to develop each individual’s “leadership practice”, including their capacity for self-directed and group learning, problem-solving, and personal resilience; and
  • to connect participants with senior colleagues within the public service and with thought leaders in the wider world, from whom they can continue to learn and exchange in the years ahead.
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