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Participation and Coursework

Participants are expected to attend monthly sessions of a day-and-a-half each and to participate in a three-day study tour during the Certificate Program in Leading People for Results.

Participants will be asked to complete three types of coursework.

  • First, to prepare two leadership self-assessments using Odell’s Leadership Practice Framework with emphasis on people management. One is due at the beginning and another at the end of the program. Confidential feedback will be provided on each. While challenging to complete, participants in other Odell programs using this approach say it has a significant positive impact on how they see themselves as leaders who have changed during their program.
  • Second, to prepare a comprehensive profile of their workforce and update it monthly as they gain insights on people management from each module. A completed Workforce Profile can become a useful tool to support departmental decision making and provides a direct return on the investment made in the program.
  • Third, to prepare and present a case study of a personal experience in people management that is relevant to the content of a module. This typically takes the form of a brief presentation followed by reflective space discussion with colleagues and staff. These case experiences provide a way to share hard-won lessons and allow others to learn from the participant’s experience.

Nominations to the Program

Odell House accepts nominations from departments and agencies. Prospective participants should normally meet the following criteria:

  • Currently occupy an executive leadership role in a public or para-public organization;
  • Have a desire to assume greater leadership responsibility in people management functions;
  • Be recommended by the relevant Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Minister or CEO/ Vice-President equivalent; and
  • Be willing to commit to complete the program assignments, attend the sessions, and participate actively.

The cost for the Program is $9,500. Sponsoring organizations also need to cover participants’ travel and accommodation costs for the study tour. The Program fee of $9,500 is payable in one ($9,500) or two ($4,750 each) instalments by the end of April of the relevant year.

Nominations should include:

  • a letter explaining the applicant’s reasons for wishing to participate in the program;
  • a reference letter from a colleague or former boss on how participation would benefit the nominee.
  • a letter of support from the relevant Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Minister or CEO/ Vice-President equivalent where appropriate; and
  • a current curriculum vitae.

Nominees will be interviewed by the Program Director to ensure they are fully aware of expectations and commitments.

We request that applications for Cohort IV (beginning in September 2020) be submitted by July, 2020.

Nominations should be sent to:

Odell House team
Centre on Public Management and Policy
University of Ottawa
Odell House, 180 Waller Street South
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9B9
Telephone: 613-796-6100

Questions regarding the program may be directed to:

Gerry Thom
Program Director

Karen Ellis
Program Director

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