For Leaders, by Leaders: Strengthening leadership and improving management in Canada's public sector.

The Centre on Public Management and Policy provides advanced professional development opportunities for promising executives to enable them to perform effectively in different roles now and in the future. This aim is achieved by offering programs and courses that collectively achieve the following:

  • Create Capacity: Build institutional capacity by supporting the formation, development and maintenance of a leadership cadre within a public service;
  • Build Competence: Build individual capacity by providing opportunities for promising executives to build, expand, and refresh their leadership practice and foster their engagement and commitment to public service;
  • Results-based Development: Provide development that ensures that the leadership cadre has the ability needed to obtain the results that facilitate accomplishment of institutional goals now and in the future;
  • Values-driven: Nurture a leadership cadre that forms intentions to practice and actively reflect public service values and commitments, that has the capacity to create a healthy workplace, and that is committed to fostering and promoting employee well-being. 
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