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On the strength of Canada's two major intellectual traditions, anglophone and francophone, the Faculty of Social Sciences stands as a centre of excellence in knowledge creation, research and training. Driven by both disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, research at the Faculty is at once rich, innovative and varied, contributing to the depth and breadth of discussions on current issues here and elsewhere. And whether fundamental, theoretical, applied or action-oriented (action research), this research stems from proven expertise—most notably in Canada's Francophonie—and greatly influences individual communities and society in general.

In step with contemporary society on both the national and international fronts, the Faculty of Social Sciences fosters social innovation, creates and shares knowledge, promotes public policy development and builds research partnerships with the public and private sectors, as well as community organizations.

Research Initiatives

World of Ideas Features

Unpacking relationships across Social Capital, Social Inclusion and Diversity

Canada has undergone unprecedented demographic, social and economic change over the last half century; international migration has reshaped our major cities; the country has moved from an economy largely based on manufacturing to one firmly rooted in the knowledge and service sector; and, declining fertility rates have led to an aging population more and more dependent on immigration to prop it up.

Author: Ravi Pendakur, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Costly Democracy

This book argues that intrusive peacebuiliding missions are associated with less democratic outcome. Poor conditions such as a highly desctrutive war or low levels of development appear to also accentuate this negative relationship.

Author: Christoph Zürcher, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

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