Review and Appeals

The University recognizes the right of every student to see, on request after grading, all documents that have been used to establish their grade for courses in which they are duly registered; the documents include those produced by the students themselves or evaluations written by supervisors (as part of work terms, clinical placements or internships).

The University also recognizes students’ right to ask for a grade review and to appeal grades.

When students do not understand a grade assigned to them, the University encourages them to contact their professor or practicum supervisor for clarifications or for the reasoning behind the grade.

If students still question the grade despite the explanations they receive, they can ask for a review, as set out in this regulation.

The revised grade can be higher than, lower than or equal to the grade submitted for review.

The grade review cannot be cancelled once the process has been completed and the new grade assigned.

This regulation applies to grade reviews for all courses under the University of Ottawa’s responsibility.

At the graduate level, the  jury’s decision may, however, be appealed to the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies on the grounds that appropriate procedures were not followed. Students who are not satisfied with the outcome of this process can appeal, on the grounds that appropriate procedures were not followed, to the Senate Appeals Committee.

This regulation also does not apply to technical errors (calculation errors, transcription errors, omissions, etc.), because they are quickly corrected by professors themselves.

A request for revision for any given mark may only be submitted once.

To learn more, please consult the Academic regulation 10.3 on this webpage:


Students wishing to withdraw from a course or program shall notify the academic unit and the FGPS in writing before the deadlines. If the course begins and ends on dates other than those specified in the academic calendar, consult the academic unit or FGPS concerning the deadline for withdrawal. Courses dropped after the deadline for withdrawals, as well as being abandoned without notice, are of record with "EIN" (incomplete) or "ABS" (absent), equivalent to a failing grade.

A student may withdraw from required courses only with permission of the program manager. This permission will be given only under exceptional circumstances, for example, a medical condition justified by the appropriate official documentation.

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