Language requirement


Students admitted to the program of Public and International Affairs (MA) must have a passive knowledge (i.e. reading and oral comprehension) of the second official language, as described in the program requirements.

During their program, students must successfully complete a course in their second official language.

See the website of the University of Ottawa for more information on language requirements.

The Institute of Official Languages and Bilingualism (OLBI) offers language training to enable students to improve their language skills during their graduate studies.

In compliance with the policy of the University of Ottawa, students can complete assignments (exams and research) in English or French, regardless of language teaching the course.

ESL and FSL courses

Elementary, intermediate and advanced English and French second language courses (ESL and FSL), are offered during the fall and winter by the Institute of Official Languages and Bilingualism.

To register, you must first complete the placement test on line to find out which course you should enrol in. You should be able to register in Rabaska.

If you cannot register, come to the School's secretariat to complete your registration.

For more information on the proficiency tests and course offerings, consult the website of The Institute of Official Languages and Bilingualism.

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