GSPIA Course Exemption Request

Acceptance of API 5125 (Macroeconomic Policy), API 5126 (Microeconomics for Public Policy) and API 5136 (Research Methods for Public Policy) course equivalency requests is based on degree, course level, course content, and grades.

It is understood that no two institutions offer exactly the same courses, but as long as the request meets the following criteria, equivalency will likely be granted. All the syllabi of the courses must be sent to the Program coordinator by e-mail. Note that the assessment of previous studies may require students to attend interviews with the MA Program Coordinator and/or other GSPIA advisors.

Equivalency Criteria:

Economics Courses (API 5125/ API 5126):

  • A minimum of three (3) undergraduate economics courses with a grade of A- OR two courses with A-grade and a B + in advanced econometrics.

NOTE: For each exempt economy course, an elective course will be added to the program

Research Methods Course (API 5136):

  • A minimum of three (3) quantitative research methods undergraduate courses: an advanced level undergraduate course, an intermediate level course and an introductory course to statistics (including a laboratory software practice component).


  • An Advanced Quantitative Research Methods course and a qualitative methods course.

The mark of A- is required for all courses.

NOTE: The student exempted from API 5136 must take the Advanced Quantitative Methods course API 6319.

The deadline to submit course equivalency requests is the last business day of September. Failure to comply with the stated procedures and/or to resolve any outstanding obligations, such as the submission of additional documentation, will result in the refusal of the request.

In the case of an approval, students must complete and return the form to the main office within 5 business days.

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