Meet your Director

Posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Roland Paris

I am researching or interested in researching…

Most of my research has focused on the role of norms in international affairs, including multilateral peace operations and humanitarian interventions. Recently, I have been researching the evolution of norms of sovereignty as well as the impact of geopolitical competition on multilateralism.

Why did I accept this position?

I have superb colleagues and am excited to lead a unit that is not only exceptionally research-intensive but also contributes to important policy debates. I also look forward to working with the Dean and colleagues across the faculty in support of the FSS’s vital role at the heart of the university.

My greatest passion

My greatest passion is wilderness canoeing because it allows for a deeper connection both with the natural world and with my traveling companions, and because of its unique technical challenges. I have done canoe trips virtually every summer since my teens and am planning a trip down the Yukon’s Snake River this summer – if public health conditions allow!

What people don’t know about me…

I invested in technology stocks a month before the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Oops.

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