GSPIA is represented in the annual CAPPA Case Competition

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2018

The annual ACPAP case competition was held on Saturday, February 24th in the Simon Fraser University Vancouver campus. It is with outstanding success that the students, Annie Cao, Anushua Nag, Peggy Osei and Ann-Marie Pouliot represented GSPIA. They ranked within the top six teams out of the 13 Canadian universities who participated. We would like to applaud them for their impressive assimilation of a highly complex subject as well as highlight the excellence of their bilingual presentation which will be made available on the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration's website. This year's case study surrounded the Kinder-Morgan pipeline and their analysis and proposed solution were nothing short of creative. One of the main challenges was to present their report to a fictive Minister and two deputies of the opposition, which is a rarely practiced exercise in the public administration sector. They also managed very well when answering a vast number of questions from the jury, which added to their noticeable efforts which made our School proud. Congratulations!

picture of the team of students

Left to right: Ann-Marie Pouliot, Anushua Nag, Annie Cao, Peggy Osei


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